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Which Qualifications should you take?

If you’ve decided that tennis coaching is for you, the first step is to get some formal training and the coach you have already trained with is likely to be able to help you through this process. Taking a formal qualification will enable you to start to develop your own coaching style and provide you with the means to apply for coaching positions in your own right.  Your own standard of play will be an important factor in your career as a tennis coach, particularly if you foster ambitions to be a ‘performance’ coach, so you will need to consider whether your own standard will need to be improved and worked on in order to achieve your desired ambition in coaching.

There are various certification bodies in the UK and BTCA (The British Tennis Coaches Association) are an Independent Association of Tennis Coaches that has been in operation for over 65 years and will co-certificate existing qualifications.  TCUK are a good starting point for new coaches to find out more information and a good support organisation for all coaches.

So which qualifications should you to take?  

LTA Qualifications can be delivered by many of the leading providers in the UK and the requirement to hold an LTA or LTA Equivalent Qualification is important to most coaches and many of the clubs they work with.  In fact many clubs in the UK insist upon having LTA Licensed Coaches.  However, an LTA COACH LICENCE is renewable on an annual basis and to retain it a coach must attend 15 hours of additional development training every year.  There are many external providers for this additional training and we support this concept, but in addition to this there are now a growing number of coaches who are also taking a mixture of other qualifications from many different organisations so as to able to provide them with the best of all worlds. and obtain a wider base of technical knowledge and overall knowhow.  

BTCA believes that coaching should combine a wide base of methods and coaches should have the freedom to explore a whole range of new ideas and consider a much wider variation of teaching philosophies.  This means that developing coaches should undertake at least two qualification routes in order to avoid one-dimensional teaching. We also look forward to the LTA supporting this concept by extending LTA registration so as to include many more external qualifications, and by establishing a set assessmnet criteria and an open assessment process that grants LTA Licences upon succesful completion by any capable coach no matter how, where and when they were tutored, or by whom.      


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